ENCO SYSTEMS SDN BHD is Future NRG’s technology partner for Biomass CHP Plant. ENCO has more than 30 years of working experience in designing, fabricating, installing, and commissioning biomass boilers. Beyond that, ENCO has an added edge over its competitors by having hands-on experience implementing Build, Operate and Own (BOO) Biomass Energy Plants.

ENCO’s boiler system is designed with automation and hassle free maintenance in mind, taking advantage of its technology and experience to benefit our clients with the goal to provide our clients with good quality and highly efficient boilers at a competitive price.

As we understand that each client has their own specific needs, it is our policy to customize our products to suit our clients present and future needs. Hence, every biomass fuel fired boiler made is tailor made to suit our customer’s needs from the types of fuel to the different grates available.

Customised engineering and fabrication provided by Enco are as follows:
Biomass Fuel Handling System

Types of biomass fuel-fired boilers
Biomass-fired steam boilers
Biomass-fired hot water boilers

In a combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, fired with biomass, Low Pressure Steam is extracted from an extraction-condensing Turbine for the plant’s process heating requirements, while the remaining steam is used to co-generate electricity for the plant’s requirements and also for export to the national electric grid.

This is an efficient way to convert the energy in the biomass into Heat and Power.

Benefits includes:
Stable Steam Production
Economical in Operation
Minimum Maintenance
Easy Cleaning
Guaranteed Dry Steam
Ideal for Burning Solid Fuel